Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Marked down for quick sale

I just marked down like 11 sock monkeys for quick sale. they are so hug able and cute.
a must for every child young and old.

I have been added to a new boutique that sells a lot of children's things its called sooo soxy

I have also added a new "My signature Baby monkey"

The Baby monkey are my Signature baby's, They personalized baby monkey. The words will be on a one inch section, So please choose your words carefully. It will go on the belly of the Monkey. you get 3 lines around 8 letters per line. They are selling in my shop for $28 and free shipping.

my monkeys are very plush, and soft to the touch. I use the best fiberfill that I can get.

It is 13" long and about 4" 1/2" wide

They are machine washable/gentle cycle.
Machine dry.

They are Baby safe.

Please stop by for some great sales at
lots of sales going on in both of my shops.


Stink Bone Jones said...

Baby monkey is a cute and great idea. I hope you sell tons!