Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Living on the edge.

Living on the edge that's my life. I have been laid off for a year now. The only income I have is from my etsy shop. It helps pay for some of my bills, but its never enough. I am always making new things and hoping someone would discover my talent and buy from me. I wish I had other ways to spread the word that I have something for them. I have opened 2 shops in hopes to get noticed. I sell Sock monkeys and dolls. If ever you run across my shops please give me a shout, and tell me what you like. If you really really want it please buy it and help me out. Living on the edge is not fun. So for now I will share my talent for you to look at, if you see that it makes you happy, and you want it a lot please have me reserve it for you untill you can afford it.