Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Marias Rug

I made this Rug for my dear friend Maria. She gave me a huge bag of fabric to do what ever I wanted to do with it. Well I found some huge pieces that I provably would not use, and instead of taking it to goodwill I decided to use it to make this great rug for her.
She is getting her new sewing room done, and I thought this would feel good under her feet. Or she could use it wear ever she would like to use it.
Maria if you get a chance to read this.
I just wanted to thank you for giving me all that fabric that I hope to make lots of letters with.


JustJaynes said...

What a nice gesture and a beautiful rug!

Mom N Mia Quilts said...

Oh my gosh Dulce! You are the sweetest thing ever. I am speechless! Thank you so much - I can't wait to use it!!

Dulce said...

You are very welcome, That's what friends are for.