Friday, January 22, 2010

Eight West sock monkeys

Today I really worked hard in getting the eight west sock monkeys done.
I have 5 more to go. The order is for 20.
If you are wondering what eight west is. This is a TV show here in my home town.
It is on Monday to Friday on NBC from 11am to 12pm. WOOD TV 8
I was on the show back in November. I started making sock monkeys for their give away.
Viewers just love them. This weekend the Bridal show is on and they are giving away 10 goodie bags and 10 of my sock monkeys are in the bags.
Then next week they are having a Pajama party at Art Vans, this is a ladys only night. They are also giving away more of my sock monkeys. I will be there for the Pajama party.
They are giving away lots of great prices.
Here is the sock monkey that I designed for them.


eric said...

very nice to read your comments .... hopefully a lesson for us all

Mama's Magick said...

Is that your own pattern? Where is it available?

Dulce said...

Mama's Magick, I don't sell my pattern. I do sell the kits though in my shop.