Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sock monkey wine gift bag

I have just designed this bag. You can carry your wine in the gift bag and it will also keep it cold for a while. Not yet in my store.
Before I go and make more I would like your opinion. It will come in different colors.

Selling price will be $15 plus shipping.
So what do you think of it?


Enid said...


Anonymous said...

That is way too cute!

Andrea said...

Cute! Where do you ship from/to?

Dulce said...

I am in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Victoria said...

OMG they are the cutest things ever :)

such a good blog...i love it!

Almost Precious said...

Cute blog, sooo sweet sock Monkeys !

Found your blog through an etsy forums post on blog followers. It's a terrific way to find fresh new blogs and to get new followers.
I'm now a new follower of your cute blog, hope you'll take a peek at mine. :)