Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My car broke down

This week has been a bad week. Last Friday while shopping for supplies I was on my way back home and my transmission went out on my car. Talk about a nightmare.

I am thinking to my self, how am I going to run my business with out my car.
How am I going to pay to get it fixed or get another car?
So I put on my thinking cap and decided what kind of a sale I should have in my etsy shops so I can buy a new car. I decided that I would run a 30% off sale in the monkey shop and a 30% off sale on my hats in Dulces creations. Then I told all my people on my Face Book my fan page what was going on and they told their friends. Well a got about 10 sales in 4 hours that was really a good start, but not enough to take care of this huge problem.
So here I am here in my little blog hoping that someone will see this an help me out.
So if you are in need to get your gifts early please consider any of my shops so I can buy a new used car.
Thank you so much for reading my Blog.


Christie Cottage said...

Oh no on your transmission!

Times are rough. This is from the lady who has wire hanging out of her front tire.

I hope you are bessed with many sales!


Donna said...

I totally understand...I'm dealing with a huge car repair right now too and wishing the money would just fall from the sky. Gotta have my car! Good luck with your sale!