Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kufi infant crochet caps

Kufi infant cap is a new item in the monkey shop. It is crochet it fits Infants 2 to 12 months. You can add a cute flower with your choice of color. Here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/THEMONKEYSHOP?section_id=5646827


LissC said...

Sweet Picture. That flower is as big as her!

The other day I was going through some boxes of scrapbooking kits selecting items for my etsy store, when I ran across this darling scrapbooking kit that has a Sock Monkey theme to it. It is so cute! Anyways. I wanted you to know what when I saw it, right away I thought of your store and your precious sock monkeys. Perhaps that means nothing, but I think it really says something about how cute and interesting your lil puppets are. I didn't think of just any toy store, or any sock monkeys. I instantly thought or yours. Thats how much of an impression your darling lil monkeys make :)

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season :)