Monday, May 16, 2011

Zipments is an exciting new local business in Grand Rapids. Bringing jobs to West Michigan with a fun way for moms, retired people or anyone who wants to make extra money! Zipments offers a great service for businesses to move things across town cheaper and faster.

With graduation right around the corner, weddings and parties this would be a great service! Zipments is a great service for both businesses and consumers. Save money or make money getting items across town.

Save time & money

You're a busy person. Cut down your to-do list by posting some of your errands on Posting a job takes less than a minute!

Save Money and Time: You’re a busy person. Cut down on your to do list by posting some of your errands on Posting a job takes less than a minute.

Make Money: By being a Zipments courier you can make extra money in your spare time by taking thing across town for people and local businesses.

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Anonymous said...

I fell in love with your monkeys the first time I saw them :) I fell in love with them all over again 3 weeks ago when my boys had surgery! Their monkeys brought such comfort to them! When mommy and daddy couldn't be in the surgery room with them their monkeys could be which also brought comfort to me :) during the rough recovery process I knew I could see their smiles when they saw their monkeys! Thank you for bringing comfort and joy to my family :)
Melissa youngs :)